Inspiration Found

So…my last visit to this space to write was a year ago. My intention is to change that—write more often and share perspectives and thoughts around a number of topics. I found the inspiration to blog again—maybe it found me?—in late July and early August.

After doing some facilitation work in Estes Park I drove over Trailridge Road, from Estes Park to Granby, CO. I was on my way to Copper Mountain for the well-known Copper Triangle bike ride on Saturday August 1st. I crested the top of Trailridge—12,200 feet above sea level--about 5:30 pm as the sun was beginning to wane and the shadows darkening the canyons and valleys below of Rocky Mountain National Park. If you’ve been on Trailridge Road before, you know how breathtaking it is in scope and beauty. Sort of like the Grand Canyon I think, in that it’s a challenge to take in all at once. The views are spectacular and for me, almost surreal. And what struck me was how fortunate I was to be there at that time on that day, and that my calling and passion—the work I do—had brought me there.

The next day I road my bike, along with over 2,000 other cyclists, over three more mountain passes in Colorado’s Central Rockies—Fremont, Tennessee and Vail. The sky was the deepest blue and the air clear and crisp—a Top Ten kind of day. And once again, as I peddled with my tribe of fellow riders, I reflected on what brought me there: a passion for cycling and seeing the Rockies from the seat of a bike.

And then it hit me. I gotta write about this sort of stuff when it happens, about the importance of tapping the passions we have that fuel us. I hope, for you, you are considering what is present in your life that creates that special brand of energy. About what inspires you, moves you, challenges you to do what you love, and even better, take some risks. I know that for me, what I can experience is that sublime place of being fully present. That place where I have no regrets about the past and no worries about the future, and that is profoundly liberating.

Where do your passions take you?