I saw a sign being held by one of those people at a stoplight the other day—you know, those folks who hope we’ll open our wallets and hearts for the two minutes we’re sitting at the light. His sign said, ” I need a miracle.” Quickly, that sort of cynical voice inside of me that pops up once in awhile thought “who doesn’t?” We could all use a miracle or two I suppose.

And then the meaning of the scene hit me—here’s this guy standing at a major intersection—a crossroads if you will—looking for, waiting for, hoping for a miracle. In that moment I realized how he was like so many of us, metaphorically at a crossroads in our lives, waiting for a miracle. Does that resonate at some level for you?

In my judgment, that’s a sign we’re stuck somehow and don’t know what to do. Or, we do know what to do but can’t summon the courage to do it. Both forms of being stuck. And here’s the thing—as long as we’re stuck, we’re not going to improve, grow, learn, flourish…get better at life or our particular craft. In the work I do around authentic behaviors and building authentic communities, I’ve learned that getting unstuck requires us to first take 100% responsibility for our lives—to stop accepting the role of the victim. This is suprisingly difficult for some people, but in choosing to be 100% responsible, we take the first step in exploring what we want and truly changing our circumstances for the better. 

If you’re currently stuck, what are you doing today to get better…and make your own miracles happen?