Getting Better

Greetings. It’s been over two years since I’ve visited this space to write. I don’t really have any good excuses as to why that is exactly. I got lazy, uninspired, lost interest, got scared…kinda weird that it happened as I like to write and yet it did. But instead of dwelling on the past, let’s talk about the future…and getting better.

After reflecting on the work I do I realized that a common and central theme is always about…getting better. Whether it’s an individual leader, a leadership team, a YPO/WPO forum, fellow colleagues, friends and family and certainly myself. What we all want, in some form or fashion, is to improve— to get healthy, repair relationships, get fit, learn more, grow a business, do less, do good, support a worthy cause, see the future more clearly, get unstuck. In other words, the movement is always forward and the desire is to take action on moving the needle that direction and…get better.

So, this space will be all about getting better going forward. I commit to blog here at least once per month and share many perspectives on professional and personal improvement. It may be something I’ve read, a post that I’ve seen, great guidance I’ve come across or a personal observation or experience. I will also challenge you, the reader, to wonder “where and how am I getting better—what might that look like for me?” I am excited about this approach and look forward to…getting better myself!

A couple of pretty well-known cats named Lennon and McCartney penned the following lyrics to a song:

“I have to admit it’s gettting better, a little better all the time…”

What are YOU working on right now to get better, a little better all the time?