An Evolving Passion

When I founded TruPath, I knew as a “start-up guy” that I was stepping into the unknown to some degree and would learn much more about what my clients need, expanding the services I offer as a result. At the time, I was not sure what that would look like. But, now I do.

The TruPath website was updated today to include information on two services I have added to the repertoire. First, something I’ve actually been doing for five years and that is facilitating executive forum retreats. This work has been done largely with YPO forums based in Colorado, Indiana, California and Texas, assisting forums in exploring in a retreat setting how they can connect and interact more deeply and authentically. I truly enjoy this work and look forward to continuing it for many years to come.

Second, in coaching executives I’ve discovered that in some companies there is a lack of clarity, or even an absence, of focus on core values, company purpose and company mission. I created a model and process, the Performance Pyramid, in 2001 as CMO of Voyant Technologies that specifically speaks to creating, codifying and commuicating these foundational elements for businesses. I honestly don’t know how companies of any size can grow and perform successfully without knowing, and living, these three key elements that underpin company objectives, strategies and tactics. How can great execution take place in an environment where people are not clear on how to behave, why they are there and what they intend to accomplish? So there is a process for getting there cleanly and effectively that I am now offering. It works, it’s powerful and is key to truly motivating teams and organizations.

As you can see, the business is evolving—check out the new services I am offering. It’s all happening around my passion for creating great leaders, great cultures and thus, great companies that can indeed change the world.

Dick Schulte