A client of mine recently reminded me that my blog is a bit stale. He said the words a little more directly than that but I got the message and thanked him for the kick in the butt. Indeed, I have not written in my blog for too many months, and I don’t have a decent excuse. Clearly it’s not a practice I have adopted as a habit…yet.

Frankly, I’m still not sure about blogging—the value of it. But I do know that I have a point of view and information to share from time to time, and that folks who visit the TruPath site might actually have an interest in what I’m sharing. Thus, I am committed going forward to writing once per week in this space and it seems natural to make that resolution on December 30th, 2010. Putting the commitment in writing, for me, is the clincher because now it’s out there in the Universe. As I remind my clients consistently, once you make a commitment to change, to summon the courage to do something new and out of your comfort zone—and make it public—amazing things can happen that you might not expect. I am now open to the possibilties this change can bring.

So here’s to making amazing things happen, for all of us, in 2011. I wish for all of you nothing but good things in the new year and that you are intentional and tenacious about getting what you want in 2011.


Dick Schulte