Is Trust Dust?

Business leaders today face a daunting task—leading people effectively and growing companies profitably in a worldwide environment of crisis and uncertainty.


While we once thought our business and government leaders were pursuing noble missions with our best interests at heart, we have recently discovered instead that some of these leaders were actually focused on strategies and actions that benefited themselves and the few versus the many. The result is a global, tectonic impact on the core value of trust—trust in leaders, institutions, ideas, practices, policies and even beliefs. It is a precarious time for leaders—there are no safe harbors any longer.

But we need great leaders. People who can motivate and inspire us to reach for breakthrough ideas and achieve successful outcomes. Great causes and crises have bred outstanding leaders in the past, and if there was ever a time for great leaders, that time is now. We need, we want, different kinds of leaders to move businesses and organizations forward. They will need to bring a fresh perspective and likely an enhanced set of tools to their work in a post-recessionary world. They will need to be courageous, clearly, but also thoughtful, balanced, human, collaborative, innovative and most importantly authentic. We need leaders to tell us their truth and the truth. Transparency and integrity are the qualities we value most when building - or rebuilding - trust.

The mission of TruPath is focused on coaching business leaders to be authentic in word and deed, and succeed in motivating others to perform alongside them in what has become a historically challenging business environment. I look forward to helping these leaders tackle the challenging and important work they will do to positively transform themselves and their organizations.