Quiet Leadership

There are many good books written on the topics of leadership and self-development, but every once in awhile I come across one that stands out. Recently I read “Quiet Leadership” by David Rock. David is a well-known leadership coach and teacher and his book takes lessons learned from his practice and integrates them with recent discoveries about how our brains work. The fascinating result is his Six Steps to Transforming Perormance, a practical hands-on guide to leading people more effectively.

Clearly a primary focus of good leaders is to bring out the best performance in others. But just exactly how does one do that? David’s answer is to get them to think more effectively versus telling folks what to do. Essentially it’s all about asking questions, not about tasks and outcomes but about how co-workers, colleagues and peers actually think. And thus, it’s about conversations in the workplace that are quite different than those taking place today.

I’d recommend Quiet Leadership to any leader, or aspiring leader, who seeks to lead more efficiently and effectively.

Dick Schulte