Welcome to TruPath

“People don’t need to be managed, they need to be unleashed.”

I came across this quote recently from urbanist Richard Florida for the first time. I wondered, as a business leader, did I “manage” my teams or did they feel unleashed, free to think and act largely on their own with minimal guidance? More broadly, is this going on in American business today? Do people feel truly empowered as the result of being “unleashed” by their leaders? Finally, do our leaders know what it means and how it feels to be constructively unleashed themselves?

The issue begs a bigger question. To be constructively unleashed one needs to know who they are and where they are going. Five years ago I faced these two questions after a company I had co-founded was acquired. Turns out I knew where I’d been but was unsure where my journey led next. I engaged a coach, a gifted man who guided me towards a new, clearer path. The process was enlightening, rewarding and surprisingly practical. And I learned along the way that it’s challenging to do this work alone. I could not have made the vocational and emotional transformation without his encouragement and motivation, and his ability to hold me accountable to my desired objectives.

Have you reached a point where you are stuck professionally, want to improve your long-term performance or simply want to truly know, as I did, who you really are and what you want next? Are you ready to unleash yourself and create your personal declaration of independence? If so, then welcome to TruPath Leadership Development. Our passion and mission are coaching business leaders through the process of discovery, understanding and finally the choices they will make to bring positive change to their professional and personal lives.


Dick Schulte