Courage comes in many forms. For some, it is simply getting up in the morning to face a new day, others it’s about tackling life’s daily opportunities and challenges, and for a few others it’s about sommoning the guts for something gnarly like summiting K2, swimming the English Channel, sailing solo around the world or BASE jumping. Leaders seem to know it when they see it in others, and when they feel it themselves, because there are times when it shows up first as raw-edged fear. Thoughtful, yet definitive, action in the face of fear is surely one definition of courage.

I have been fortunate over the years to work and collaborate with many folks who have a fearless approach to work, and to life. They weren’t crazy, most of them. They are moms, dads, artists, athletes, programmers, accountants—you get the idea. Just like the rest of us except…..they had a serious passion for the mission, loved a challenge and wanted to work with people who felt the same way. Poke ‘em in the chest and tell them it can’t be done? The response—wanna bet? I wrote about some of them in today’s guest blog at I am honored and humbled to know them all.

Dick Schulte