Find Your Nerve

A new social networking site for business leaders launched last week. It is and is the work of Steve McKee, an author, columnist and marcom guru. The premise of the site is intriguing and in my judgment, on the money given the continuing economic malaise.

The goal of the site is to “instill a sense of renewed confidence in the C-level suite, remind corporate leaders that we’re all in this together, and to speed up the recovery”. While that is an ambitious objective, anything that gets business leaders focused on growth and the future seems worthwhile. And ultimately, what needs to happen for business leaders to change is to replace the apparent fear they hold with confidence in themselves and genuine enthusiasm for economic recovery.

In October and November the site will host guest bloggers who are CEO’s, top-notch athletes and popular business writers to offer their perspective, experiences and ideas around digging out of the recession. This ought to be a great forum for learning and growth—check it out.

Dick Schulte