Young Presidents' Organization (YPO)

TruPath Founder Dick Schulte is a Certified Forum Facilitator (CFF) and has been facilitating both YPO and WPO forum and chapter retreats for over ten years.  He has worked with 60+ forums and chapters inside and outside the U.S.

Dick is highly effective and experienced in leading both formal YPO training classes and forums in retreat or extended meeting formats to experience and sustain new levels of authenticity, awareness and relationship. Experiential exercises and discussion topics for members can include:

  • Life transitions and stages - how to look at and successfully manage transformative change.
  • Relationships - improving the ones that are important.
  • Identity, balance and fulfillment - is the life you're living the life that wants to live in you?
  • Leadership - unique ways of examining leaders' strengths and talents as well as areas for ongoing development.
  • Blind spots - what are you not seeing that's blocking you from what you want to achieve?
  • Mission and legacy - aspirations of "what's next" in one's professional career and personal journey.
  • The role of spirituality in one's life.

For forum health, Dick has found the following topics most important and impactful as maturing forums transition and new forums are created and add new members:

  • Building authentic community in the forum - behaviors that support authenticity and create a place where members can safely come to speak their truth and get support without fear of judgement.
  • Forum definition and purpose - what does the forum want to be or focus on - business problem-solving, social activities, emotional transparency and support? Or some combination of all three?
  • Growing and deepening the relationships and bonds in the forum via enlightening, spirited and highly experiential exercises.

Dick believes strongly in thorough pre-retreat preparation. Agendas and topics for retreats come from forum members completing online, confidential "homework" outlining vocational and personal issues members and/or the forum may be facing. Dick and the forum moderator then work together to formulate an approach that is tailored to the forum's specific needs and can lead to a meaningful, memorable and enjoyable retreat experience.