Getting there.

TruPath helps business leaders and high-achievers determine and accomplish their life goals, and develop their full potential. Through discovery, understanding, and choice, coaching empowers executives to find their own answers, then encourages and supports them on their journey as they continue to make important choices about their professional and personal objectives.

At TruPath, coaching takes place in relationships based on mutual respect and trust where both parties are free to share ideas, insights, and feelings. It is a caring, truthful, and unbiased process intended to achieve results. We focus on your agenda—not ours. A crucial aspect of our role, however, is to hold you accountable towards reaching your objectives.


Beginning the work.

TruPath’s coaching process has a structure and flow that is highly effective and successful. But we know from experience that in coaching we meet you in the middle of your life where commitments, concerns, or even crises are present. So effective coaching requires active listening and flexibility from the beginning. The process typically flows through several stages.

Establishing trust An initial conversation determines if you and TruPath can develop mutual respect, trust, and create a safe environment where honest communication flows freely. This meeting typically determines if a mutually beneficial coaching opportunity exists for you and TruPath. During the interview, Dick listens intently and probes for areas where coaching can have an impact on your objectives.

Observation, Assessment, and Direction Once the coaching relationship is established, further conversation and proven assessment tools are used to determine your current situation and status. The goal in this phase is clarity around what you want to change or improve.

Design and Goal Setting Together we develop a tangible plan for change which includes a commitment to learning and adopting new practices that build skills, habits, and qualities to support your desired objectives and outcomes.

Coaching Sessions Through regularly scheduled meetings you and Dick review progress against your plan. TruPath listens, guides, challenges, and encourages you, keeping an unwavering eye on your goals while holding you accountable.

Results TruPath’s ultimate goal is for you to build long-term competence as a leader, and continue to improve and excel through self-correcting behavior and expanded self-awareness. During the coaching engagement, you and TruPath assess your results regarding your desired outcomes. Eventually, these new skills and behaviors become ‘second nature’ and continue long after the coaching engagement has concluded.


Invest in yourself.

Coaching engagements typically have a six to twelve month duration. TruPath’s approach begins with a complimentary introductory conversation. If you then decide to pursue a coaching relationship, an initial two-hour informational and discovery interview is the first step, followed by multiple one-hour sessions per month taking place for a minimum of six months. The process is customized for you based upon your availability and requirements.